Pool Teams

Local Pool Teams Since 1991

Pool has been a part of Torrey Pines Pub since 1991. Not just having pool tables, but supporting the multiple teams, groups and fans that have come to visit over the years.  They are a part of who we are and the care we take to ensure a competitive environment for everyone is evident.  We play ourselves and take pride in the experience we offer.

No holes in the felt, no warped house sticks, no leaning tables or dead rails. We use high quality Diamond tables and work hard to keep our tables in top condition; including a regular refelting of the tables and maintaining them, inside and out. Like to look good while you play? So do we! That’s why we regularly clean and buff our pool balls so they can shine as much as you do.

You’ll be hard pressed to find tables with more consistent play anywhere in Las Vegas.

Pool teams are a common site during evenings at the Pub. Sponsoring multiple teams, many of which have been with us for years, we have proven to be a top playing spot. Our teams are often seen wearing new Torrey Pines Pub shirts and bragging about where they play out of. We also offer bonus money for multiple accomplishments throughout the season and often run a Turkey Shoot, only for our pool teams, so they can Expect to Win more!


Watch yourself on TV! Both of our tables are broadcast directly to our TVs. No need to be right at the table to watch your friend’s game. Go have a seat at the bar and watch the game in high definition and never miss a moment! Not being stuck next to the table means everyone can watch. Bringing your friends to watch and cheer on your biggest matches makes the experience that much better.

Looking for a place to play pool? Come down to Torrey Pines Pub and you can 

Expect to Win!