Expect to Win!

Our machines are

We have 15 machines spread around the bar all ready to pay out!
Do you need a Video Poker fix? We have you covered in Spades.
Vegas Lottery itch? Check out our Keno selections.
BlackJack or Slots? We have it.
Need a jackpot? Then come to the place where you can always Expect to Win!

$1,000 Given Away Weekly!

Hit any Four of a Kind, $0.25 max bet or more, and get a ticket for our next Four of a Kind drawing.
Drawings start at $300 and go up $100 any drawing when no winner is present!

Win FREE FOOD for a month!

We give our top players FREE FOOD, not just tonight, but for a month…
Come see your bartender for details and see if you have what it takes!
Didn’t make the list? Don’t worry, luck is on your side when you Expect to Win!
Hit a Royal Flush, $0.25 max bet or more, and you can get 50% off your food for up to 6 months.


It never hurts to get a little extra anytime you win.
Progressives are just that… sometimes creating massive jackpots.

Come in today and see how much you can win!

Players' Cash Card


Triple Play, Five Play or Ten Play Poker

Ultimate X Poker

Spin Poker




Expect to Win

Use our Players’ Cash Card and you WIN even more!
You earn $$$ on EVERY hand… automatically added to your card while you’re here.
Come play today and take advantage of our Players’ Cash Card benefits!

Cards of the Day

We have two Cards of the Day every day.
Win $10 more, added directly to your card, when you get a Four of a Kind, $0.25 max bet or more, on a Card of the Day!


A completed coverall pays $100 directly to your Players’ Cash Card!
Coveralls start at 12am on the 1st of every month and finish at 11:59pm on the last day of the month.
To complete the coverall you must hit a Four of a Kind, $0.25 max bet or more, on every card with-in the set time period.

Jack-Off Royals

Got dealt 10-8-Q-K-A of hearts and couldn’t find the Jack?
Don’t worry… we got your back!
If you’re playing $0.25, max bet or more, and are a Jack-Off a Royal Flush, we automatically add $5 to your Players’ Cash Card!


"I'll Take That!"

The latest Four of a Kind promotion to hit Las Vegas… only at Torrey Pines Pub!

I'll Take That

“I’ll Take That!” is a competitive Four of a Kind experience.
Games are played on a pre-determined time frame, such as 1 hour, 2 hours or the first half of a game.
First Card Member with-in the time frame to hit a Four of a Kind, $0.25 max bet or more, yells out:

"I'll Take That!"

Once verified, the “I’ll Take That!” trophy is placed in front of that customer with $10 written on its panel.
When another qualified Four of a Kind is hit next, that player yells:

"I'll Take That!"

The trophy is moved in front of that player, and the number on it is increased by $10!
This continues until the game is complete.
When time runs out, whoever has the trophy in front of them wins the sum on the trophy!
Come see your Bartender today for more details and to see if you can get a game going so you can also yell out, “Expect to Win!”

Check out our newest promotion!



Our top 20 players are eligible to win the First Friday Special!

Our promotions change all the time…
We’re always looking for new ways to bring excitement into our gaming experience.
Come see your favorite Bartender today to get the details on any of these promotions or find out what else we have going on!
Don’t forget… Torrey Pines Pub is where you

Expect to Win!